Retracing the cosmos.

For some reason, though this takes a lot more work, I figure this will be somewhat more pleasant to navigate through than a huge-ass calendar list. ^_^; So here you go!

CHAPTER 1: From Some Star

  1. Events that should have never transpired
  2. What have I done now?
  3. From Some Star
  4. Three hours and fifteen minutes
  5. Its not home
  6. Beautiful shining blue
  7. Everything was fine, until...
  8. So much further away
  9. The president
  10. Is it a human?
  11. First question
  12. His shape
  13. Second question
  14. Youd think shed be grateful
  15. Whats your name, anyway?
  16. In the deepest darkness
  17. Totalled
  18. So what if I did?
  19. To escape Venus
  20. Poorly machinated
  21. So goddamn special
  22. A signal light
  23. The madness of running
  24. Ive read about it
  25. 41%
  26. Get out of here
  27. Just as well
  28. Alone
  29. They had names once
  30. My conclusion
  31. Paradise
  32. Choose the way
  33. Run that distance
  34. Your donor
  35. Lucky son of a bitch
  36. Changing my world
  37. As I recall
  38. Third question

CHAPTER 2: Hotel Reunion

1.      Hotel Reunion

CHAPTER 3: The Night Sparrow
CHAPTER 4: Backdoor District
CHAPTER 5: Beware the Paperboy

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