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Name: A
Also known as: Gerry, Gerry, President
Brief description: Formerly the president of an interplanetary munitions factory (a major participant in the Venusian bacterial ground war), the illegal immigrant known as A is responsible for piloting and crashing an unfinished spacecraft which ended up on the planet Earth. Along with B, he escapes the ship using Myras body and consequently sets out to find his missing daughter, a young girl whose life may be in jeopardy.
Character design: When designing A, I tried to give him a morose, uninterested face. Of course, given the volume of his blabbering and the weight of his reactions, his face also had to be very versatile and expressive, which was difficult. So I gave him a wrinkle here and there. ^_^;; Hey, it helps! I also gave him an extremely stupid haircut (believe it or not, one of the few things which was planned) which holds the possibility of becoming a little better-looking in the future.
Personality: As a real bitch to deal with. Being that Venusians dont think highly of intrapersonal intelligence unless dealing with humans, you could say that he was a product of his upbringing. ^_<; This does not mean that he is completely unfeeling. In a sense hes a swirling mass of emotions just waiting for a spark. Id like to think that hes not a complete idiot...though its difficult to saaaay...>_<;;;; He also talks too much but is the last person to admit it.

Name: B
Also known as: lawrmar, Lawrence (Lawr), Smartass
Brief description: Having killed soldiers at home for the sake of his family, B only hopes to save them and to a lesser extent to escape the hell hed brought upon himself. He signs up to work on a space plant only to have himself jettisoned to Earth by the cantankerous and malicious A. Along with A, he fuses to become Myra; he dreams of seeing his family once more in peacetime and, perhaps, an uneventful life.
Character design:
Girlbait. (Oh, those redheads.) >_<;; At least, thats what he started out being before I totally ruined his character design. B has one of the most difficult character designs in the cast if only because I can never draw it quite the same way twice. Hes masculine but at the same time very femmy and his face is somewhat stoic. (Unlike B, he rarely comes out of it. >_<;; Oy.) I gave him some musculature because he did work as a construction worker on the ship and it makes sense. ^_^
Bs angsty. All the damn time. Hes not very expressive but like A, hes totally emotional; think its a Venus thing. ^_^;;; He also has a thing for monologues and is very in touch with himself but has a hard time with people. Thankfully, he is okay smart and understands when to speak and when to do the other thing, so people think hes alright. B is also frightfully honest if not exactly open. Hes a bit of a conscientious girly-boy. Risking his life comes naturally to him.

Name: Myra Budrow
Also known as: ???
Brief description: Upon crashing to Earth, A discovers an unfamiliar human girl lying in a ditch, one whose very existence even in death would forever change the lives of the two alien wanderers. Myra, as she is now called, is an enigma, whose identity slowly reveals itself to them throughout the course of their journey. Who is she? How did she perish in the desert, and where is her home? How human is she...really?
Character design: Myra was designed to look kind of like the popular bitch, the difficult girl who (is sort of masculine no, wait, thats not it ;D ) has no trouble expressing her opinions. Normally, A controls her upper body, so this makes sense, and her scowling, defiant expressions complement that. But as we learn when the story goes on, Myra has other expressions in her arsenal, and is capable of appearing gentle. Which makes one wonder...who the hell did she use to be?
Personality: A mystery thus far.

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