Things Squishy thinks you need to know.

(Last revised: August 12, 2005)


Q: How often do you update?

A: Something like every three days. I know Iíve said twice a week, but it really does vary from time to time. Right now, itís August, and so I can afford to do this so often. But. Once school starts, itíll be reduced to one update a week, possibly two. Be warned. ^_<;;


Q: Iíve looked at your limited number of illustrations. You like word art.

A: I do.


Q: But youíre no good at it.

A: Iím aware of that. ^_^;;


Q: For some inexplicable reason, Iíve drawn you some fanart/written you some fic. Where should I send it?

A: You can send it to the following address: mailmyra@mail.com. Unfamiliar attachments scare the crap out of me, though, so if you have a site that you can upload it to, I would prefer that. ^_^ But, fic on the actual e-mail ought to be just fine, and I do appreciate fanart as it comes. And if you have anything else word-related Ė poems, rants, personal testimonials (now Iím just getting ahead of myself) Ė feel free to send as well.


Q: How about commissions, huh? You do any of those?

A: Not unless I know you, and not unless I love you. ^_< Time is money! And I canít do the Paypal thing, so this is what I do instead. Admittedly, I cast a more favourable eye on art trades. If you do fanart for ďMyraĒ, I would love to illustrate your characters; Iím not a tough negotiator.


Q: Got MSN?

A: No.


Q: Got e-mail?

A: Yes, please. Look up. But be warned that I donít check my e-mail on a regular basis (something like every week is the best I can manage at times, sorry), and I apologize ahead of time if you donít receive a response right away.


Q: Whatís your number?

A: Hold on, Iíll write it down. Let me grab a pen...okay, so, itís Ė did you know that the leaning Tower of Pisa was constructed in 1173?


Q: You must have a problem.

A: Why, yes. ADD does tend to help the mentally encumbered.


Q: Then how do I get to know you?
A: I like reading shoutbox messages. ^_^ And if you want to leave me a message on one of my other sites, as well as Onlinecomics.net, where I have a little profile, I would also appreciate the effort greatly. Iím not exactly the best chat buddy but I love hearing feedback about the story.


Q: Omigosh your so awesom I want 2 draw just like you plz write a tutorial 4 a craaaazy fangurl thnx.

A:...Youíre kidding.


Q: Well, then Iíll settle for a brief but informative spiel detailing how you make the manga.

A: Ah, but - um. Actually, thatís kind of okay. Check out the link from the main page.


Q:...Iíve got nothing.
Probably a mixed blessing. Any more questions, send them to me or use the shoutbox; thatís what itís there for. ^_< Please continue to support the comic. Much love and thanks!

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