‘Cause you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.


Will make more if people are interested. ^_^; Not sure whether these work or not, but then, there is always the possibility of text-linkage. Essentially, my policy with links is that no link can be a bad thing (well, um) and you don’t have to get my permission to put up a link, and I generally love the idea of link exchanges, so. ^___^


New! “White Rose Women” – Twelve years ago, Amadis loses her daughter to a force she could not understand. Now she sets foot on Earth to reclaim her child, only to encounter an obstacle greater than that of any fairy tale. It’s more than breaching a generation gap, more than scaling time and space, more than finding one’s place in a fantastic world without logic and sanity at its foundation: Alda simply doesn’t want to come home. But Amadis is a queen in her realm, and she’s willing to risk everything she’d lost twelve years ago, and the name of love. A modern romantic comedy, and to an extent, a mother/daughter story. ^_^

Downloads – For those of you who don’t mind downloading the comic in small bites and chunks, try out this site. I’ve put (and will continue to add in the future) zip downloads for all of the available segments of “Myra” and “Nightfall” as they come.

“Nightfall Yonder Bremen” – A fancomic for “No Rest for the Wicked”, out of luv. Drawn using the same digital media as Myra but with more apparent experimentation. Princess November, Perrault, and Red venture into a mysterious forest only to encounter my ORIGINAL CHARACTERS!!! I promise, it’s short. ^_^;;

Old DevArt SiteOnce upon a time, I used to be known as the weird and obsessive chick named Funnybird on Deviant Art, still one of my most frequented art communities on the web. See where it all began, if you’d like. Pencil art and some of my first CGs using OpenCanvas.

– A place to put all of my updates, musings, and scraps. They won’t necessarily have to do with my comics, but they usually are, ‘cause I believe in serving others with my mad blogging habits. ^_^ Ne, beware of spoilers to anime, manga, and movies.


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