So you say you wanna shout.



Wanna make your opinion count? On this page, Iím going to post a new poll roughly every few weeks and you can have your say if you have a mouth. ^_<;; Polls that get more attention or that are more attention-worthy will be kept up for longer. For instance. When I get more characters, Iíll put up a characters poll, and thatíll probably stay up until the site kicks the bucket. In the meantime, you get what you get.


Not wanting to vote is not a crime. ^_^ Itís just not as nice for me. Boohoowahwah. >_<;; Oh God, pleasedonítgo.


For a while, I've thought of switching over to pen for "Myra" rather than mouse-drawn art. What do you think?
Omigod, no way, not when your style has finally become consistent - I mean, er. XD
Traditional mediums own, man.
Hey, as long as "Nightfall" remains computer-drawn, it's all good.
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So. You're reading "Myra". How did you happen find your way here, stranger?, yaaay.

Just sorta...searched for you, I guess.

"Nightfall Yonder Bremen"! Just seeing if this is anything like - whoa your pages are big!

From Keensp - Comicgenesis. Keengenesis. Uh.

The Webcomic List. Where I searched for "Nightfall". Eheh.

I don't understand. I live here.

Well, someone else mentioned you, I think - hey. Hey. Get your teeth out of my leg.

I've got one word for you, Baby, and that's "Stargate".


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