What is Squishy doing?

Description: A page where I keep track of how much work I’ve done on each of my projects, and where you can see how completely scatterbrained I am most of the time. Out of sheer necessity. Updated maybe once a week.

* means top priority.

As of July 30nd, 2005:

*“A, B and Myra”:

-See LiveJournal entry on the 29th. (

Comments: Not bad. Losing Sunday might be tough but I’ll still have Monday to finish up the 22nd page, so look forward to that and some site updates.

“No Rest for the Wicked” fancomic whose title I can now reveal, and its name is “Nightfall Yonder Bremen”, ooh la la:

 -See LiveJournal entry on the 29th. (

-Then add to that the fact that Page 6 is now 80% drawn out. Booyah! ^___^

Comments: I have to thank Andrael. Today, I checked out my site stats with Tripod and it turns out that I had 172 page views yesterday alone. That was also the day when the “No Rest” page linked up with my own humble site. Coincidence? I think non! ^_______^ Thanks for all of the support, and thank you all as well for reading! I’ll put up a link to the site on “Myra” soon. I’ll also post another site on Tripod soon detailing all of the minor changes I’d made to the “No Rest” cast’s wardrobe. As soon as my FTP server gets over how much bandwidth the site has eaten. *Snicker*

“One Piece Doujinshi: Lost Boys”:

-Absolutely nothin’ to report.

Comments: Upsetting? I say not. I have to reacquaint myself with the OP manga before I do anymore, anyhow. I love the charas but they’re damn hard to write and I’ve only written in two of them so far. Yikes. O_O No worries, though.

Commissioned Work:

-Gryphon foreground almost done.

Comments: What the hell am I doing. Need to work. It’s actually a pretty gryphon. In the meantime, my elemental unicorn is giving me death glares and I’m not sure how I’ll face it right now, but I’ll try.

Unnamed cowboy western project:

-Have worked out most of the main character designs

-Plot is being plotted

Comments: Still a work in progress. I was thinking that I could do this in a sort of half-page format. Like, something between a daily strip and full-page format, to publish quickly and to give people something they’re sort of used to but not really but sort of. Mostly it’d make it easier for me. ^_^;;

As of July 22nd, 2005:

*“A, B and Myra”:

-Page 21 being worked on

-Website still being tweaked. Still. Working on character descriptions as we speak.

-I know what’s going to happen...up to the next two chapters! O_O;;

Comments: Waaaah. >_<;; Whathashappenedtome. I swear, I must get these pages done. Must get them done. Gonna try not to miss more deadlines after the one for Pg. 21. Thinking about an omake. Damn me, I don’t know how to prioritize, gotta get things done during the summer. Wish me luck, guys. Top of the list, top of the list.

“No Rest for the Wicked” fancomic:

-Page 5 essentially done.

-Finished planning up to Page 8, so ha. Drew enough panels in between for me to visualize what will happen.

Comments: Now see, this is more like it. After prioritizing this – and I don’t think of it as taking time off “A, B and Myra” ‘cause I don’t know what to do with “Myra” anyway and staring at the screen only exasperates the problem – things got done. Visually, the comic’s gold compared to “Myra” because the style is more versatile and I get to use the colour red. Plus, Andrael’s characters are more glam than mine. I can make them do cool things, like montages, and fighting poses. *Cough* Will put some of it on the site soon, look for that as well. Only thing is, I don’t quite know how, because my parents insist on keeping Norton Antivirus and I think that’s what really messes up Keenspace’s image hosting capabilities for me, will look for alternatives in the meantime.

“One Piece Doujinshi: Lost Boys”:

-Page 5 and 6 still in the works

-Maybe two sketches done for Page 7

Comments: The way it should be. Absolutely nothing for this section. I am completely laid back; will only panic once school starts because this will be the only comic I can work on without a lot of worrying about deadlines. Pencil-drawn is the way.

Commissioned Work:

-Elemental unicorn coming along, but not really. But coming along. I’m working on it, yes. >_<;;

-I owed an elf to the same friend and that is done, hurrah.

-I owe this same friend a gryphon which is coming along nicely.

Comments: More work than ever, results should prove interesting. ^__^ I don’t draw fantasy and I’m not very interested in it but if I can do it reasonably well, then I’m happy. At the same time, I don’t lose face if I don’t do well. Friends are good people to have.

As of July 15th, 2005:

“A, B and Myra”:

-Page 19 up

-Page 20 being toned

-Roughs being made for Page 21

-Website still being worked! Whoo!

Comments: I usually have more in my reserves. Must finish pages before I explode, but things are getting harder and harder to depict for some reason. Must be nearing climax. (This means a shorter chapter for you folks, of course, and a quicker progression to the main plot, which involves *gasphack* girls. ^_<)

*“No Rest for the Wicked” fancomic whose name shall not be mentioned yet, ‘cause:

-Dialogue for Page 5 and 6 complete

-Page 4 basically complete

-Page 5 in the works

-Plot basically finalized

Comments: This disturbs me. I really should’ve done more by now. Not for lack of trying, and I actually find the style of this more enjoyable to do than “Myra” (‘cause it’s straight shoujo, my home, my love) butPerrault’sfacekillsme. >_<;; Must needs watch continuity of them faces, Squishy old boy. This has become my top priority at the moment.

“One Piece Doujinshi: Lost Boys”:

-Page 5 and 6 in the works, page 4 completely done

-Chapter 1 plot determined

-Title determined (It’s a big step. Swear. At first I wanted to call it “Wanted Somewhere” or “New World” at first. Both of which appear to be completely unfeasible and childishly hamfisted at this time of night, dear God what’s become of me.)

Comments: I’ve had the most progress with this. Needless to say, this is pissing me off – the damn comic isn’t even posted yet! Anything can happen in the next few months! Why does it have to be so much easier to draw?! Aaaaphfgh. Can’t wait to draw Sanji, Sanji’s so awesome, saved him for later chapters, curse me curse me again.

Commissioned Work:

-I own my friend an elemental unicorn of the female variety. I know, so out of my league, I don’t even know what to say to her now. >_<;;

Comments: Detailing the unicorn’s mane, you have no idea how hard it is to do on a purple animal. Its face is also becoming increasingly human. I haven’t been this scared since “Silence of the Lambs”, man, I need some sleep.

I’ve also just seen another unicorn which makes me bury my head in shame, appropriately. (   

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