What is Squishy doing?

Description: A page where I keep track of how much work I’ve done on each of my projects, and where you can see how completely scatterbrained I am most of the time. Out of sheer necessity. Updated maybe once a week.

* means top priority.

As of Aug. 29, 2005:

*“A, B and Myra”:

-Everything for Chapter 1 is done except for Page 34

-Starting to draw Chapter 2 in’s harder than it looks! O_O

Comments: Check out my livejournal for an explanation of my behaviour. Or, you can wait for it on the main site. Either way, you now know that “Myra” will be pen-drawn in the future, and as difficult as that is for me (I can’t ink worth beans), I won’t hesitate to get the practice in. ^_^

“Nightfall Yonder Bremen”:

 -Working on the extras for today as we speak

Comments: Again, check out the livejournal. ^_^; From now on, “Nightfall” will be pen-drawn as well. I have seen the light. That is all. 

The Birddog Gang:

-Started on a few more panels but nothing terribly significant

Comments: Relaxing.

White Rose Women.

-More illustrations completed

-Character profiles and all that good stuff up; basically, the majority of the future web page is complete

Comments: My brush pen that I use for WRW is running low. O_O Aiiiieeeeee!!!

As of Aug. 23, 2005:

*“A, B and Myra”:

-Page 31 not going so great, but getting done all the same

-Page 32 about 60% done

-Dialogue planned out for 33 and 34

-35 is 40% done

-36 and 36 are, as previously mentioned, done

-Site still being edited but not as heavily; I love the idea of tables but I don’t think they’ll help organize this ugly-looking mess, to tell you the truth. >_<;; Might edit the background colour to white, I love white.

Comments: Not a lot of time left before I really have to hit the books. We’ll see. I’m thinking of putting like a 5-page extra in between Chapters 1 and 2, but that might be overdoing it a bit. Probably will go right onto 2 and incorporate the material into 4. See? I have things figured out. *cough* ;)

“Nightfall Yonder Bremen”:

 -Page 10 done, everything up to Page 14 planned

Comments:  Sun’s out and I’m feeling good about this, I really am. 

*Commissioned Work:


Comments: I...totally forgot. O_O;;; GEEEEEGHH.

The Birddog Gang:

-Did some illustrations for two more pages but not a lot in general

Comments: I love drawing with pencil. I’m not loosing interest in this series, I swear. It’s’s...

...New Project. >_______<;;; White Rose Women.

-7 whopping pages’ worth of illustrations, plus bonuses

-2 pages complete with colouring, more on the way

Comments: I’m thinking, tentatively, because I thought I would debut this project in 2006 but clearly it’s catching up with me ‘cause it’s easier to draw than even “Birddog”...if I can finish 20 pages of this thing faster than I can finish 20 pages of “Birddog”, then this will come first. I’ll make it a nice site on ComicGenesis, a lot nicer than this anyway, and it will rock ass. Read my livejournal to find out more. (As always, is where you’ll find the latest news.)

As of Aug. 15, 2005:

“A, B and Myra”:

-Page 28 and 29 complete

-All dialogue planned out for Page 30

-Last two pages of the chapter completely done

-Site revamping in progress (Possible polls! Info! Linkage! :D)

Comments: Proving once again that “Myra” is the favoured child, more updates. ^_^; There will be some site remodelling in the next couple of days which you can find some of the details of on my livejournal. This may cause a delay in updates but will by no means equate to less pages, ‘cause the first chapter’s finishing in August COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, damn it. *Waits patiently for the worst*

“Nightfall Yonder Bremen”:

 -Page 9 being completed, with everything before that posted

Comments:  Did a lot of wandering around on Jelly, which was wrong and bad and put me behind. Now putting the nose to the grindstone. I really think that, if this story’s pacing continues as is, it could turn out well. But there’s a slight possibility that it could be long. 20+ long. For effect and a neat wrap-up. ^_^;; Will continue to plot. 

*Commissioned Work:

-Started detailing the unicorn and am probably a third of the way done, depending on how much it needs detailing really

Comments: Horse muscles confuse and frighten me. Actually, human muscles do that...

The Birddog Gang:

-More pages complete; 8 pages are planned and additional panel illustrations are in the works

Comments: Okay, the shading in almost every single one of these pages is messed, but that’s never stopped me before. Will strive for PERFECTION despite obvious...imperfection. Oops. >_<;; On the other hand the pages are being churned out on a good basis. Should be alright. If I don’t get distracted by YET ANOTHER STORY IDEA that is plaguing me, good Lord! Aaaah. This is why I should just write down my story ideas and give them to other people, I can’t freaking move the pencil over the paper fast enough. >O<;;

 As of Aug. 8, 2005:

“A, B and Myra”:

-Page 27 being penned (it’s rather a nice page, but something tells me it may be hell to tone)

-Page 28 almost completely done, just needs tones

-Illustrations for two future pages almost complete

-The ending (of the first chapter) is near ^_^

Comments: Well, there have been a lot of ups and downs with this project, but ultimately, I’d say the first chapter turned out a-okay for what it was. ^_^ (Which is, a project with zero planning, limited props, and two living characters.) And now that I’ve been drawing these characters for a while, I’m prepared to do the next chapter, a sort of  break from all of B/Lawr’s angsting. And in the chapter, not only will I explain why I keep calling Lawr and Gerry A and B, but I will also introduce a new character. I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of her up, but she’s probably the most “anime” of the cast in appearance. Her name is Allie West – and something tells me you’ll be introduced to her as early as next week. Stay tuned!

“No Rest for the Wicked” fancomic whose title I can now reveal, and its name is “Nightfall Yonder Bremen”, ooh la la:

 -Page 7 done, Page 8 on its way.

Comments:  Mostly editing work. Dude, it’s like the weirdest thing having to work without layers, and um, yeah.

“One Piece Doujinshi: Lost Boys”:

-On hiatus

Comments: Because of “The Birddog Gang” and a bunch of other side projects that flood my brain during the summertime, I have put this project on hold, perhaps indefinitely. My love for One Piece does not suffer from all this – still waiting for someone to show me the 2005 movie, heeeeelp. ^_^;;

*Commissioned Work:

-AAAAAAAAGH. Have restarted unicorn. This one looks a lot better, I say; have plotted out the colours and am now adding details.

Comments: Eeek. Boy oh boy. Did I ever mention that I have the best friends? No set deadline for this but it’s becoming a top priority if I have anything to say about it.

Cowboy western project, now known as “The Birddog Gang”:

-Pages 0 and 1 complete

-Illustrations in progress for a whole four pages after, ‘cause the words “chronological order” confuse me x_x;;;

-Characters page in progress

-Boatloads of extras complete

Comments: I’ve said that I’d debut this project in October, and I’ll do it. Just one more thing for me to wait for in addition to snow, “Brokeback Mountain”, and “Speed of Sound” reaching #1 in Canada. (God, I know, my nerd’s showing.) Right now, it’s coming along brilliantly, and because I have learned a little more about my PSP 6 program, I find it a lot easier to edit my pencil sketches to my liking, making for a much nicer comic. And, the comic will be in full page format – ‘cause peer pressure loves me. A preview will probably come soon. World, watch out!

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