What is Squishy doing?

Description: A page where I keep track of how much work I’ve done on each of my projects, and where you can see how completely scatterbrained I am most of the time. Out of sheer necessity. Updated maybe once a week.

* means top priority.

As of Sept. 17, 2005:
(And it’s gotten to the point where I could probably list all of my updates under one measly column, but okay XD)

*“A, B and Myra”:

-SCHOOL HATES ME Page 2 on the way, Page 3 being assembled

Comments: The empirical formula for carbohydrate is CH2O. Triglycerides are created through dehydration synthesis, forming ester bonds. The average monkey can score 12 points higher on an Intelligence Quotient test than Squishy.

“Nightfall Yonder Bremen”:

 -Two pages of panels to assemble, all out of order completely

Comments: There’s also that thing called continuity that eludes me. Apparently, Old Fellow changes wardrobes (and facial features) behind my back. O_O;;

White Rose Women:

-Same as before

Comments: I still don’t have Page 3. If I call Page 4 Page 3, who would know? If a tree falls in the forest, who would know? Oops, I guess I told. Now I’m just guilty of late updates again. >_<;;;


-I’ve done a lot of planning for a story called “The Crown Society”, and you may have caught wind of this but only if you’ve stalked me. It’s a story about princes. Sort of. (I think I talked about it in my LJ...) I have character sheets and plot divisions and everything. You know how when you’re obsessed with one story, you just want to throw your life away for it? Yeah. It happens to me about every other month. I just get completely possessed and write all this crap.
This one actually has a plot. I want someone else to draw this for me ‘cause, seriously, I don’t trust myself anymore. As a result, there will be no actual work on this until at least next summer.
That’s right, I’ve made another Squishy promise. You can all hit me now. X)

-I’ve finished the unicorn that I started, like, when the first living organisms crawled out of the primordial ooze. It’s alright. I think it turned out way better than I’d expected, but that’s not saying a lot. >_<;; Haven’t gotten a response for it yet from my friend. Maybe I ought to take that as a statement towards my general laziness and irresponsibility. Maybe I ought to read up on the composition of lipids some more.

How is your life, Squishy?

Stress on a level from 1 to 10 -> at the moment, 3
Current workload: still finishing old homework and reading ahead for Biology
Paranoia level -> 6
Topics I’m concerned about: “Brokeback Mountain” (let’s expand that statement to the Oscar race in general, plus the interesting fact that OMIGOD “Howl’s Moving Castle” will never come to video stores, either that or I swear Blockbusters is conspiring against me), “Mirrormask” (‘cause Neil Gaiman AND good old Jim Henson together sounds like a party, especially if it’s fantasy with an edge), Full Moon festival. (Okay, not exactly a festival at my house, but it’s tomorrow, can you believe it? :D)

As of Sept. 10, 2005:

*“A, B and Myra”:

-Chapter 2’s being done out of order; got about three pages of panel illustrations that I need to assemble, and I get the feeling some of them will never be incorporated; need to draw filler panels now, which is the hardest part

Comments: School has been absolutely hectic. I’ve got a lot of studying ahead of me and I intend to do it, no doubt, but it’s going to be extremely difficult even to keep up with once a week updates at this rate. Sorry, guys – please forgive me if I encounter roadblocks, I’ll try to make it up to you. >_<;;

“Nightfall Yonder Bremen”:

 -Also done out of order, have about two pages of panel illustrations ready

Comments: This is getting along slightly better than “Myra”, although I’ll have to purchase new pens soon. ^_^;; The update will be delayed but not by much, and panels are actually getting finished, though continuity continues to foil me. Definitely will post another page within the next little while, so keep an eye out for that as well. 

The Birddog Gang:


Comments: On hold.

White Rose Women:

-A number of illustrations are completed and just need to be scanned

Comments: Thank God for reserve pages. The interesting thing is, of course, that I still don’t have Page 3 done even when pages in the 5-7 range are mostly complete with shading. >_<;; Will see.

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